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International Education Symposium, Sweet Adelines International's educational project, "In the Swing & In the Know."


Reports from Members of Prairie Winds:

IES Report, by Becky Wilkins

IES Gems, by Becky Wilkins

IES Report, by Annette Gary

IES Report, by Marva Hughes

Harmonet Posts by Kay Bromert
(You might want to send Kay a thank you note for these wonderful posts at: Kaybari@AOL.COM ):

IES Highlights, Wednesday

IES Highlights, Thursday

IES Highlights, Friday

IES Highlights, Rising Star Contest

IES Highlights, Saturday

IES Highlights, Final Show

Other Reports About IES:

IES Reporting, by Debbie Warwick

IES Was Great, by Debbie Curtis

Gems From IES, by Doris Waite

Gems From IES, by Donna O'Hora

Highlights From IES, by Bron Latta

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