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From: Debbie Curtis

What a week/weekend at IES. Hot and exhausting doesn't just describe the San Antonio weather ---- the fabulous education we all experienced was HOT and exhausting, too! My brain is on overload, and I'll have to look back over my notes and handouts to try to recall all that was said.

My favorite moments:

-- Jean Barford's dynamic "Energizing Your Sound" class -- what a ball of energy she is

-- Charla Clare's "paper plate" dance (what a hoot!)

-- Sally Eggleston's hilarious stories on Saturday night

-- People passing kleenex around to those crying with excitement during the YWIH quartet contest

-- The camaraderie of the YWIH contestants -- cheering for each other, hugging, posing for photos. What a wonderful experience for all of them -- and for us.

-- The moment of silence for Carolyn Butler on Wednesday evening's opening session

-- Rumor's singing, "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" -- and listening as the audience continued humming the tune long after we left the auditorium

-- Crying (again) during Charla's, "The Lady Down the Hall"

-- Getting the chance to put faces with names.

Thanks to all who were responsible for making IES a reality. When news of this awesome event gets back to our choruses, I sure hope you're prepared for more than 1400 next year! Could you do us one favor though? Could you please have Trinity University install some of those "people mover sidewalks" like they have in airports? -- those stairs were killers!!

Debbie Curtis
Tenor -- Channelaire Chorus, SAI Region 11 "News @ 11" Editor

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