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From: Bron Latta

Two things come to mind immediately. Jean Barford, in the coaches huddle on Thursday night, building a quartet from the bass up with four random voices: Having the bass sing an open AH till we observers heard the overtone, then having the baritone sing the 5th into the overtone, then the lead on the octave from the bass, and the tenor on the 3rd above the lead. Then Jean had the bass, bari and tenor sing the chord without the lead and there it was, clear as a bell - the lead note. The lead then had to match the "mid-tone" produced by the other three parts. The sound was so incredible, it raised the roof and gave me goosebumps. I've heard overtones before, but never like this. I wanted her to do it again, and again ... and let me play too!

To me, Jean Barford has always been an unknown, only seen from way up high looking down onto the International stage. Up close and personal, she is incredible and I'm a true believer.

Then there was Ase Hagerman, director of Sun Light Chorus in Sweden, doing anything she wanted to do. Just sitting in one of her classes was a joy. I think she was worried she wouldn't be able communicate with her classes, but she had people eating out of her hand - especially the guys. Ase has a way of reaching out and touching everyone with her enthusiasm and love of barbershop and a capella music. And as for communication, if I could sing in Swedish as well as she communicates in English, well ... And that was just Thursday. It got better. I wouldn't have missed IES for the world.

In harmony,

Bron Latta
Bari Section Leader
Channelaire Chorus, Camarillo CA
SAI Region 11 Quartet Promotion and Awards Chairs

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