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From: Donna O'Hora

I was enrolled in the Regional Leaders' track, and nearly all of my classes were administrative, rather than musical... I found Dr. Mary Ellen Stepanich's class, exercise and handouts on Management and Facilitation Skills to be very enlightening and stimulating.... We are considering the feasibility of inviting her to do some Leadership Training in Region 15....

If I may be allowed a second gem: Peggy Barnes' class on how to sing Bass was just super!

At the start, she asked "What is the Bass's primary responsibility?" I thought I knew the answer to that -- to drive the rhythm; to maintain a wall of sound... Peggy's answer? To lay the foundation for ringing a chord! If the bass is not resonant and in-tune, the other voice parts cannot fill in the chord and make it ring! That was a revelation to me!

And the strawberry-iced drinks at the snack bar weren't bad either! It was good to meet you, Doris...

Donna O'Hora, Finance Coordinator
Greater NY Region 15 SAI

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