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Singing in tune

by Freddie King, international coach

(from Dundalk Md Charivari, Tom Wheatley, editor)

Chapter VI - External Causes of Flatting

In prior chapters we mostly addressed internal causes of flatting. There are also a number of external ones that contribute.

Humidity has a depressive effect and will cause the singer to flat because he is emotionally depressed and lacking in vitality.

Poor ventilation, stale air and extreme heat all cause chorus flatting. To counteract, the singer must use extra vitality. He should select quick moving, cheerful songs in major keys, breathe deeply and maintain an excellent posture. An extra measure of director enthusiasm will help under such conditions.

"Dead" auditoriums cause flatting. This can be overcome by speeding the tempo slightly. In a "live" place, slow it down a little.

Programming two or more numbers in the same or related keys immediately together can cause some degree of tonal deafness, resulting in flatting.

Sometimes a slight speeding up of tempo on the slower numbers will eliminate a tendency to go flat.

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