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Assorted Mission and Vision Statements

?? are men of ??, graced with the God-given ability to sing in harmony, who gather each week to savor the joys of fellowship and song, who relish the pursuit of musical excellence and personal improvement, who, wishing to share these simple pleasures with others, welcome to our ranks all qualified and congenial men, who seek to serve the ?? community and to entertain ?? audiences through wholesome, quality performances, and who, understanding the joy given us by this uniquely wholesome and satisfying hobby, strive to perpetuate this opportunity for our sons, grandsons, and generations of men to follow.
The primary mission of ?? is to realize this vision. Accordingly, the ?? Chapter of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America, Inc. will be organized and managed to the best of our ability in pursuit of that goal:

All men accepted for membership will be determined to have the necessary musical ability to harmonize and will share in our dedication to our vision; membership is for life, so long as harmony endures.

Chorus participation is understood to be a privilege distinct from chapter membership and places an added level of responsibility on the individual. Participation in the performing chorus may be subject to qualification requirements recommended by the music committee and approval of the board. Such requirements must be carefully implemented so as to always support the ?? Vision. All chapter members are to be considered "??" regardless of their current status vis-ą-vis chorus qualification.

Understanding that harmony and musical excellence will be achieved only in proportion to our collective effort, and with due respect and appreciation for the value of such effort by our fellow members, each member is expected to give of himself as fully as possible, to attend regularly, to be on time, to be prepared for rehearsals, to continually strive to improve his musical abilities, and to do his best to support our activities and musical goals and aspirations, recognizing that obligations to faith, family and jobs come first.

ALOHA CHAPTER VISION STATEMENT The Aloha Chapter provides a social and educational environment to its members that allows them to experience the joy of striving for excellence of musical performance in the barbershop style and the comraderie of the Aloha spirit with one another, their families and the community.
ALOHA CHAPTER MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Aloha Chapter, a service organization, is to promote and perpetuate an ever-growing fraternity of men who are drawn together by their love of four-part harmony, predominantly in the barbershop style. We will do this by offering people of all ages and cultures, wholesome, artistic, barbershop entertainment and by expressing the uniqueness of Hawaii and the Aloha spirit through Hawaiian songs sung in the barbershop style. We will share our tradition with the community and our fellow barbershoppers through our quartets and the Sounds of Aloha Chorus. We will support charities that further the goals of harmony. We will provide fun and fellowship to our members in an atmosphere of song and we will offer social events that include our wives, families and friends. We will strive for musical excellence through the education of our members. We will work cooperatively with each other to learn, to teach and to provide time and resources to the group, so that all gain increased expertise and enjoyment in singing barbershop harmony. We are accountable to each other in offering the time and energy required to meet the goals of the chapter. We will assess our personal levels of knowledge and skill and work toward constant improvement. We will accept performance and competition opportunities with the goal of promoting the public appreciation of barbershop harmony.

Burley, ID (Snake River Flats Chorus); 30 members Mission Statement: To provide an opportunity for all interested men to blend their voices in the unique style of Barbershop harmony, both in chorus singing and in quartets; To provide fun and fellowship for the members in an atmosphere of song and a social side for wives and families; To provide wholesome musical entertainment throughout our community wherever our services may be desired. This community service will be in an annual show(s) and singouts for nursing homes, county fairs, and any other community activity as our time will permit; To make contributions of time, talent and money to selected charitable organizations as our means may permit; To educate our members to be better singers and to participate in competition as often as the members schedules will permit; To actively recruit new members in order to perpetuate the craft, our chapter, and the Society.

St. George, UT (Color Country Chorus); 44 members Mission Statement: lColor Country Chorus is the St George, Utah Chapter of the SBEBSQSA, Inc. Color Country Chorus is a group of men of good will drawn together by their love of the four-part, a cappella, close-harmony style of music known as barbershop. The mission of the Color Country Chorus is to perpetuate and share that style of music and their love for it with people of all ages throughout our region. Color Country Chorus seeks to be a leader in the cause of preserving and encouraging vocal music in our education systems and in our communities, as a lifelong recreational activity and as an essential element in our cultural  well-being. Color Country Chorus is open to all congenial men of good character who love harmony in music and have a desire to sing. As a chartered member of the Society, Color Country Chorus heartily endorses the activities of the Society and the Rocky Mountain District Association of Chapters of SPEBSQSA.

Mark Twain, NY; 38 members Mission Statement: lThe Society is to be a widely recognized, ever-growing, singing fraternity of men drawn together by their love of the four-part a capella, close-harmony style of music known as barbershop, whose mission is to perpetuate that style by sharing it and their love for it with people of all ages throughout the world; and to be a leader in the cause of preserving and encouraging vocal music, in our education systems and in our communities, as a lifelong recreational activity and an essential element in onems cultural this end, the Mark Twain Chapter of Elmira, New York will keep music improvement, fellowship, membership growth and financial stability as the main focus in the order presented herein.

Rochester, NY (Chorus of the Genessee); 89 members Mission Statement: lThe mission of the Rochester Chapter is to provide for its membership an organized process to learn and sing barbershop style harmony from written arrangements or by ear singing; to teach its members to perform at the highest level of their ability in a social and recreational atmosphere while creating in each man a sense of pride, belonging, achievement, and  fulfillment. In addition, the Chapter will strive to serve the musical needs of all current and potential members by providing and actively supporting a wide variety of barbershopping opportunities, which may include organized quartetting, pickup quartetting, chorus singing, and group or gang singing. This Chapter mission supports the vision of the Society.

Central Cities of OK (Music Central Chorus); Mission Statement: lMusic Central is designed to serve the needs of DEDICATED singers who are interested in participating in an elite, well-managed, expertly coached and directed, musical organization. The chapter will adhere to all policies of the SPEBSQSA, Inc. and will actively support its endeavors. The chapter will enthusiastically compete, with a goal to WIN all Southwestern District chorus competitions. Membership will be sought from highly motivated singers interested in participating in an elite and well-disciplined singing organization. The sole requirement will be musical singing ability, plus a sincere desire to participate in an elite singing organization. Music Central will provide EXCELLENCE IN SINGING by continuing a recruitment program through mass media publications, direct mail and personal individual solicitation. Music Central will endeavor to be metropolitan and professional in image, and to be representative of Oklahoma City at large. It will open to all qualified singers interested in a self-satisfying musical experience through harmony. Solicitation of membership will be targeted toward above average singers, preferably those with prior musical training and/or choral experience. The music program will offer a well-rounded repertoire of custom-arranged traditional and contemporary music. In addition to quality singing, the chapter will maintain a HIGH STANDARD OF PERFORMANCE by offering the public a totally entertaining show, including planned staging, choreography and variety entertainment at every performance. Musical Central will engage in public performances, which will in turn, build the chapterms treasury and enhance the chapterms following among those in the community who are engaged in the booking of talent. Music Central will contribute its talents and time to as many civic functions as possible. The ultimate aim will be to achieve a position as a recognized, respected musical organization, dedicated to making vocal harmony an integral part of the Oklahoma City cultural scene. Because of the high standards set to qualified singers, the chapter will make every effort to encourage quartet participation, and will actively support and publicize those quartets that achieve both local and Society prominence.

Central TX Corridor (Heart of Texas Chorus); 37 members Mission Statement: lOur mission is to entertain the Central Texas Corridor with the best possible male a cappella harmony. We will provide the best possible environment for continuous personal musical growth and for experiencing the joy of performing primarily four-part harmony to the delight of every audience for which we perform. MOTTO: EXPERIENCE THE JOY OF EXCELLENCE IN ENTERTAINMENT!

Dallas, TX Town North (Men of Note Chorus); 98 members Mission Statement: The mission of the Town North Chapter is to be a singing organization committed to and recognized for excellence in the performance of a cappella music in the Barbershop style; to challenge and encourage the development of each member in vocal and performance skills; to create high quality, captivating entertainment and actively seek opportunities for public performance; and to promote a fulfilling Barbershop experience for each member through fellowship, the pursuit of excellence, and involvement in Chapter, Division, District and Society sponsored activities.

Vision Statement: Our chapter is one which will touch the lives of many people by providing a positive total experience where an increasing number of men who love to sing can find expression and fellowship; one which will bring excellent, entertaining performances of quality music to an ever widening audience, and one which will be known for what we do and who we are by a community much broader than our barbershop structure.

Lake Charles - Lafayette, LA (The Acadiana Barbershop Chorus); 27 members Mission Statement: lTo keep America singing always by engendering in us an appreciation for the highest order in vocal harmony in chorus and quartetting, by satisfying the basic needs and values a person may possess in singing harmony and doing it at its utmost best. To dedicate ourselves to our chapter and community by setting example to those within our ranks by our enthusiasm and good will that Barbershopping can be fabulous fun and can be brought to its highest level only through dedication and commitment to it. This it true in anything one undertakes. To promote an added purpose to our love of singing by adopting some charitable or philanthropic purpose to give added meaning to our existence. By helping others who are less fortunate than we will definitely put a smile on our face and a song in our heart.

OK City, OK (OK Chorale Chorus); Mission Statement: lTo always place musical excellence first, to present our art form to the public whenever possible, to reach all corners of the great State of Oklahoma with our hobby, to be proud of our performance every time, and to keep fun in our singing so every member enjoys Barbershopping to the  fullest.

San Angelo, TX (Twin Mountain Tonesmen Chorus); 37 members Mission Statement: lThe San Angelo Chapter, SPEBSQSA, strives to capitalize on the aspects of our hobby which promote and encourage Barbershop Harmony. We are a performing group striving for high quality in all performances. Our performance skills are honed by our participation in chorus and quartet competition. In effect, we sing locally for the enjoyment of our audience and we sing in competition for our own improvement. Both areas of involvement are not only mutually acceptable but are mutually necessary for continued growth as a chapter.

Sherman, TX (Texoma Chordringers Chorus); 19 members Mission Statement: lThe Sherman, TX chapter of SPEBSQSA is to be a well recognized, growing, singing group of men, drawn together by their love of the four-part a cappella, close harmony style of music known as barbershop, whose mission it is to perpetuate that style by sharing it and their love for it with people of all ages throughout the neighboring communities; and to be a leader in the cause of preserving and encouraging vocal music in local education systems and in the community. the Sherman Chorus (Texoma Chordringers) shall strive to perform traditional barbershop arrangements as well as showtunes, contemporary, patriotic, and religious songs as long as they are arranged in traditional four-part barbershop style.

St. Petersburg, FL (Sun Coast Chorus); 92 members Mission Statement: lWe are a fraternal organization that enjoys four-part a cappella, close-harmony style of music known as barbershop. Our mission is to perpetuate the barbershop style of music and share the love of this music with our community and everyone around the world. We should be a leader in preserving and encouraging vocal music in our education systems and our community. We should promote this style of music as a great recreational activity and strive to help preserve this part of our culture.

Champaign-Urbana Chapter of Sweet Adelines Philosophy The Champaign-Urbana Chapter strives for excellence in the performance of four-part barbershop harmony; while providing for musical and personal growth; leadership opportunities; fellowship; and fun. Vision Statement: (lost?)

The Coastal Chordsmen will seek excellence in fraternity, singing and performing in the barbershop style and volunteer service to our community. Mission Statements (should have between 4 to 6)
1.We will help each member achieve his maximum singing and performing potential.
2.We are committed to nurturing harmonious relationships guided by mutual respect in all of our interactions.
3.We are recognized as one of the most supportive singing volunteer organizations in our community.
4.We will encourage the use of our member's personal talents to help refuvenate the chapter and pass on our legacy to the next generation.
5.We will continually improve our competitive performance results and ranking at division and district level.

The St. Petersburg, FL Mission Statement. (Was cited at a recent COTS school as being one of the best in U.S. by the HQ. representative on Mission Statements)

To perpetuate the old American Institution, the Barbershop Quartet and; To serve the musical needs of all current and potential members by providing and actively supporting a wide variety of barbershopping opportunities which may include organized quaartetting, pickup qurtetting, chorus singing, and group or gang singing and; To encourage and promote the education of our members and the public in music appreciation and; To initiate, promote and participate in charitable projects and; To promote public appreciation of barbershop harmony and; To share our hobby with as many people as possible without sacrificing our goals of musical excellence and entertaining performances. We accomplish this by insisting on a measurable standard of achievement for all chorus and quartet members. We recognize that not all will come to us with these skills, but we genuinely believe that, with our help, most singers will be able to meet our minimum requirements. Mimbership in the St. Petersburg Chapter of S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. does not mean that one is automaticaly a member of the Suncoast Chorus. Membership in the Suncoast Chorus is a privilege and requires standards beyond Chapter membership requirements Ratified by the St. Petersburg Chapter S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. Board of Directors November 13th 1996

Louisville Thoroughbreds.. to make people happy through excellence in singing, to set standards of conduct and performance for other Society chapters, and to exceed the expectations of every audience, and of ourselves, to the point that it becomes  legendary.

"Capitol Showcase Chorus of Sweet Adelines International, Inc., representing the musical art form of women's barbershop harmony, is committed to the enrichment and benefit of our Greater Columbus community and to fostering an environment of love and understanding that develops leadership, growth, and fulfillment of our members - both individually and collectively - through continual education and the performance of a capella singing"

"The Houston Horizon Chorus of Sweet Adelines International is a barbershop chorus whose mission is to share our love of music, our commitment to excellence and our dedication to the enjoyment of singing with each other and the community, in harmony and friendship."

New Westminster Gentlemen of Fortune Working together in fellowship, we enrich society with world-class barbershop entertainment.

North Coast Chapter, SPEBS, of Mentor, Ohio "As an active chapter in SPEBSQSA, our mission is to perpetuate the old American tradition of singing four-part harmony in quartets and with the Johnnycake Ridge Singers chorus, to promote and encourage good fellowship among our members, and to improve each member's ability to sing as an individual and as a member of the North Coast Chapter chorus. We are a singing organization whose members enjoy doing what we do best: singing barbershop harmony." Vision Statement, "The Society is to be a widely-recognized, ever-growing, singing fraternity of men, drawn together by their love of the four-part, a capella, close-harmony style of music known as barbershop, whose mission is to perpetuate that style by sharing it and their love for it with people of all ages throughout the world; and to be a leader in the cause of preserving and encouraging vocal music in our education systems and in our communities, as a life-long, recreational activity and an essential element in one's cultural well-being."

Name not known "We are a singing fraternity, dedicated to teaching each member to sing to his potential. We strive to preserve and encourage Barbershop tradition and showcase talent through public and private performances and competition with our peers."

The San Diego Chapter Mission Statement: The San Diego Chapter is dedicated to excellent musical performance, and its membership is committed to individual improvement through personal effort and participation. The Chapter will furnish a musical repertoire and the necessary vocal and performance training to facilitate the growth of its members as musical entertainers. Performance opportunities for a Performing Barbershop Chorus and Quartets will be actively pursued. Frequent performances are encouraged to enhance individual growth and promote Chapter growth through community exposure and recognition. The Chapter will support and participate in Society activities, thereby fostering our mutual and traditional objectives.

The Westminster, CA Chapter of the SPEBSQSA, Inc. (the Society) is part of a worldwide organization of men who love to sing barbershop harmony. The Westminster Chapter provides fun-filled chorus rehearsals and diverse weekly programs while simultaneously improving the quality of the aggregate sound. We provide a social and educational environment where members strive for excellence of musical performance in the barbershop style. Therefore, our Vision is to promote the highest quality of chorus singing and to preserve the barbershop style. We are dedicated to:
1. Providing each individual within the chapter the opportunity for musical enjoyment in an atmosphere of respect, fellowship, and friendship.
2. Improving musical excellence through active participation in Society activities, promotion of chorus and quartet singing, and individual musical  training.
3. Being a contributor to the Society and other chapters through barbershop singing excellence; diverse and innovative programming; cooperation, sharing, and leadership; and maintenance of high ethical standards.
4. Contributing to the local community as an organization which serves the public through quality musical entertainment, participation in community events, charitable contributions, and barbershop music education.
We are a not-for-profit service organization, working to provide a better quality of life for ourselves and for all male singers who join us. Our medium is vocal music. We provide wholesome artistic entertainment to the community and we support charities that further the goals of harmony. We participate in community performances and perform an annual show. As a contribution to the society, we organize and conduct the annual Novice Quartet Contest for the Far Western District. We work cooperatively with each other to learn and teach so we may improve our singing, our performance, our expertise, our musicality, and primarily our enjoyment in singing barbershop. Our goal is to produce songs expressed genuinely and believably, from the heart. We are willing to express feelings that our culture has made available in song, recognizing that the art of songwriting and singing is a powerful way to communicate shared values and attitudes. Barbershop music is accessible, sing-able, with an ingenuous character. It tends to feature the good and ethical in us. It features a ringing, in-tune sound, a full, brightly focused resonance, and heart-felt performance.

More Statements Sent to Me

"The Upper Canada Chordsmen strive to:
-improve the singing ability of all members in an atmosphere of fun,
- learn new music in the barbershop style,
- share our enjoyment of four-part harmony with more men,
- respect the abilities of all members,
- promote the enjoyment of barbershop singing through public performance,
- promote quartet singing,
- support harmonize for Speech, the barbershoppers' charity for children with speech difficulties, and
- enter competition for independent evaluation."
The items are ranked in order of importance according to members' surveys.

The purpose of the Northwest Chicago Metro Chapter SPEBSQSA is to provide fellowship in song. The chapter will cater to the complete needs of barbershoppers. This includes chorus, quartets, ensembles, woodshedding and coaching. If there is sufficient interest in any segment every effort will be made to include it in the weekly programs.
Meetings should be designed to aid participants to sing to their fullest potential.
All meetings will have (2) - 1/2 hour chorus sessions for teaching repertoire, musical crafts and for novice singers to experience the thrill of barbershop singing.
Songs that are part of the repertoire sung during these sessions will be the songs to be included in performances, shows or for presentation at district competitions.
Meetings will include the Pole Cat Program to encourage quarteting.
Time will be set aside for chapter quartets both novice and registered to perform.
1/2 hour of the meeting time should be set aside for woodshedding, ensembles, quartet coaching or to introduce members to learn and sing in quartets away from the scrutiny of the entire membership.
Visiting quartets will be invited to sing. Time should be allotted before the 1/2 hour break so members can meet and sing with them during this free time.
Risers will not be used, except for special occasions.

Members who do not wish to participate in specific parts of the weekly program can excuse themselves from these sessions.
There will be 52 formal meetings in a calendar year if conflicting holidays do not interfere. No extra sessions will be scheduled unless requested by members.
Professional musical direction will be provided. Musical direction:
Professional, knowledgeable music direction will be retained to aid each member to attain the highest level of song he is capable of. Emphasis will be placed on quartets and they should avail themselves of critiques and coaching.
Members wishing to participate in district competition can form a chorus for this purpose. The chorus will enter competition not for awards, but for the enjoyment of singing and presenting an entertaining program.

Here is our chorus mission statement: "Capitol Showcase Chorus of Sweet Adelines International, Inc., representing the musical art form of women's barbershop harmony, is committed to the enrichment and benefit of our Greater Columbus community and to fostering an environment of love and understanding that develops leadership, growth, and fulfillment of our members - both individually and collectively - through continual education and the performance of a capella singing"
TaDah!! It feels good to have a Statement about this Mission that we are on!! :-) It helps to remind us why we do this. A mission statement is also a clear and concise explanation of who we are and what our goals are. It's a great way to explain our hobby to the public too!! Hope this is helpful and thanks for asking!!