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Please complete this form to order a Singing Valentine.

Valentine Giver's Information:

Your Name:

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Your Telephone Number:

Your Billing Address Street or Box:

Your Billing Address City, State and Zip:

Choose the Day of Delivery:
Friday, February 11
Saturday, February 12
Sunday, February 13
Monday, February 14

Choose Your Time / Price Option:

Three Hour Window Inside Lubbock, $30

Select Your Time Window:
Three Hour Window Outside Lubbock (but in Lubbock County), $40
Within Ten Minutes of a Specific Time Inside Lubbock, $40. Write in Your Specific Time For This Option:

Valentine Recipient Information:

Recipient's Name:

Recipient's Street Address at Time and Place of Delivery:

Recipient's City at Time and Place of Delivery (Lubbock County Only):

Recipient's Zip Code at Time and Place of delivery:

Now please tell us how you found out about our Singing Valentines

Comments and Special Instructions (use box below):

Please mail check or money order (sorry, no credit cards) to:
The Singing Plainsmen Treasurer
5232 - 87th Street
Lubbock, Texas 79424

Other arrangements can be made for payment. Just specify method and time in the comment box above.