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Message From: (basstwo) Date: Mon, Sep 28, 1998, 4:55pm To: Subject: Fwd: Re: Breathing X-Originating-IP:    [] Date:    Mon, Sep 28, 1998, 6:47am (CDT-2) Reply to:    A Discussion List For Those Interested in Barbershop Harmony Sender:    A Discussion List For Those Interested in Barbershop Harmony From:    Jaime Wilkinson Subject:    Re: Breathing To:    BBSHOP@ADMIN.HUMBERC.ON.CA Kaye Cooper Sound Of The Bay Chorus Mobile Al Hi Kaye! Glad to hear from another member of Region 23. This is Jaime Wilkinson of the Peach State chorus in Augusta, GA. I also sing lead for the quartet Rhythm! As for breathing, one thing I use to do was to sing along with a tape of a champ. quartet while driving. I didn't worry too much about my sound - although this can be a good help for proper vowels also. I just tried to hang it out as long as they did. Once you can master this sitting down, it seems a lot easier to do it standing! Another good trick is to sing in a quartet like mine. When they have a problem getting thru a phrase, they just say *let's make this word a lead pick-up, and we can all take a breath here.* It's amazing how fast you can improve when 3 other people won't cut you any slack! Yours in Harmony Jaime Rhythm! Augusta, GA _______________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at