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Singing Valentines Recap

Things Upon Which We Can Improve

1. If we are going to give a card, we need to give a nice quality product with a meaningful message inside.

2. We need to program publicity efforts well ahead (two or three months ahead)

3. Make a point of offering quartets to sing at service clubs around town in January and especially the two weeks preceding V day. The chapter must make an effort to get these quartets ready for public appearances.

4. Start working on SV's on the first meeting after Christmas. This is virtually our only source of revenue for the year and is the most visible thing we do in the community.

5. Purchase an ad in the Town Planner Calendar for the month of February in year 2000. (I am working on that.)

6. Get some more SV songs to learn. (suggestions?)

7. Devise (or find) a method to get SV data for our excellent delivery sheets into the computer much faster than hand keying each item.

8. See if Stenocall can guarantee the SV telephone hotline number.

9. When we decide on the details of the SV program, we need to write the details down. Any changes or "seat-of-the-pants" decisions should be communicated to all the others involved so we can put out a single non-confusing message to the public.

10. Put the SV web site url address in the flyers

11. Establish on line ordering of SV's

12. Consider activating the Stenocall number for the month of January to see if we can generate pre sales with our quartet singouts. (see item 3.)

Things We Are Doing Right

1. Quartet zip code work orders.

2. Radio promotion. (more stations?)

3. Flyers

4. Service club promotion (Lions)

5. Good participation by members

6. Flower source

7. Costume

8. Time windows

Jim Newman's Comments:

Singing Valentines 1999 I thought the affair was great and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The only suggestion I have follows: The quartet I sang with sat around for several hours waiting for the next appointment. We visited a nursing home and the Methodist Hospital. I felt uncomfortable walking bye rooms with sick people in them knowing that we were going to sit at home for 2 hours waiting for the next appointment. I recommend we sing without fee at nursing homes or hospitals when time is available.   Why not give other people joy while we kill time waiting for the next appointment?

Roger Williams' Comments:

Good things: I think the operation ,as a whole, ran smother than ever. (Thanks Rus) AND (2)More people were able to participate. (3) Price structure is adequate (maybe add $5 per) Suggest NEW SONGS, maybe one longer song and a flower. Two easy starters could be the complete "Wild Irish Rose", and the complete "Story of the Rose" by the OK Chorale.