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Quietly, She Goes
By Janice E. Decuir

Quietly, She Goes

She had no gold medals,
She bore no crown upon her head
Quietly, she sang and smiled
Quietly, she came and laughed
She coached no big name chorus or quartet
She wrote no article defining our reason for being
Quietly, she stood among us
Quietly, she gave us strength
She judged no competition with complicated rules
She arranged no specialty songs
Quietly, she offered no judgment except for the fun of it
Quietly, she saw the best in others
She built no mountain from mole hills
She tore down no other person
Quietly, she demonstrated caliber
Quietly, she set an example
She clamored not for attention
She showed only passion for music
Quietly, she is a picture of dignity
Quietly, she is the framework of kindness
She gave her best and not her weakness
She honored the rest but not their weaknesses
Quietly, she showed us truth
Quietly, she showed us what a battle is, really
She sought no spotlight for only herself
She led no crusade that lurched unbalanced
Quietly, she made the stage warmer for others
Quietly, she calmed the frightened influences
She waited at the intersection for we that were lost
She offered no criticism for the waste of time
Quietly, she touched us in ways we've yet to discover
Quietly, she passed through our lives and left us the better.
She waits up ahead still
And when we arrive, late, but found
She'll offer no criticism, but only a smile
Glad for seeing us after so long an absence
Quiet strength!
How I endeavor to reach what she so easily mastered.

Dottie Luther has joined a chorus of overtones that remind us of those like her that make the stars possible. She is most special for the love and laughter she brought into the lives of many. Dottie battled cancer for some time. A few weeks ago, she threw a party for herself and invited all of her friends and loved ones to celebrate their time together. There was laughter, music, and friendship.

She will be missed. And when we sing and hear the overtones, we will remember her.

In song
Janice E. Decuir, EveDeCuir@AOL.COM

Webmaster's note:
When Janice was asked by Kitty on the Harmonet, if she could share this beautiful tribute to Dottie with others, Janice replied:

Dear Kitty:

While not quite poety, I suppose it meets the definition of prose. My writing often is more appreciated by those far away...yes, please share it...when I heard the news I was inspired to put it edits or rewrites. It came through it is for the sharing.

The many years around our musical hobby have brought me into contact with more people than you could meet in a lifetime. That's pretty special.

Let's not forget the three rules on how to be a great chorus member:

1.)Learn your music, 2.)Pay your dues, and 3.)Be nice to each other. (presented at Region 4 Summer Meeting)

We sometimes forget about each other in our chapters and even here on the Harmonet. We have much more in common than we don't. There are people on the other end of what we say, write, or do. If we do that, we won't have any trouble mastering the harmony.

In song,

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