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By Emily McNeese

As springtime approaches, you'd better beware
Of creatures that crawl and take to the air

For if you are bitten, there isn't a cure.
The fate of the victim is certain, for sure.

Each Monday, at seven, you'll be in your place
With your thinking cap on, and a smile on your face.

You'll stand a bit taller, and at your command,
Your face will light up and your ribs will expand.

Your notes will be perfect. The words you will know,
The vowels and consonants, oh, how they will flow.

Your energy level will soar to the heights.
Your sharp, what a sight!

You'll sing with expression and sell every song.
Yes, out in the spotlight is where you belong!

Should you get these symptoms, you won't need a drug.
It's only the bite of the Barbershop Bug.

And your riser buddies, why, they'll have it, too.
It's contagious, you see, just like the flu.

When you go to contest, you'll do GREAT, never fear!
Judges always find winners where bug bites appear!

--Emily McNeese

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