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The Best Bargain in Texas!...and Oklahoma!...and Arkansas!

Bargain? Did you say a great bargain! I've never met a Sweet Adeline whose ears fail to perk up when she hears the word "bargain," and recently 23 members of the Prairie Winds Chorus got to experience first hand a bargain of a weekend at Region 25 Summer Music Camp. SMC took place on June 18 & 19 at Oklahoma City University in Oklahoma City. This particular SMC was billed as "A Weekend with Royalty" and so it was. The members of the reigning International Championship Quartet (Rumors) and the International Championship Chorus (The Richtones) along with many other experts from Region 25 shared their expertise in a variety of workshops on vocal warm-ups, vocal productions, staging, choreography, and building membership, to name a few. There was literally something for everyone, whether you had been a Sweet Adeline for 20 years or were a rookie. Several members of the Prairie Winds were especially thrilled to have a PVI with members of Rumors. Throughout the weekend, there were tons of opportunities to learn more about barbershop singing from the best of the best, to sing with Sweet Adelines from other chapters, to listen to awesome performances by the "Royalty" of Sweet Adelines International, and to have fun. (Those who sang in the camp choruses would have to underline FUN.) And did I mention what a bargain SMC was? Where else could you get 3 nights lodging, 2 days of meals, vocal instruction, choreography training, and 2 days packed with championship performances for only $115.00? So...if you are a Region 25 Sweet Adeline looking for the best value in barbershopping mark June 23 & 24 on your calendar and don't miss Summer Music Camp 2000. It's a bargain in just one lifetime!

Carol Schempp
Prairie Winds Chapter

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