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The Crooner's Gazette

News publication of the Singing Plainsmen Lubbock, Texas

Vol I No 1 October 27, 2001

From the Board Meeting...

Among the many things discussed, one of the (I think we all agree on this) most important items was the need for NEW MEMBERS! We have tried sing-outs, deviations from the normal barbershop genre of music and mail contacts. Take a guess (you get 3) at what is known to be the best method. Personal invitation!! Lets all make an attempt to invite or better yet bring someone that would be new to this GREAT hobby.

That brings up another question. How to keep them coming and coming and coming? One of the ideas discussed was to have a schedule that allows for fun activities in each meeting, and a yearly schedule of what we know is coming and what is planned.

Say Monday Anyone? Or rather sing on Monday that is? I don't know about the rest of the chapter members, but by Thursday, I (we?) have worked all week at getting up and over the hump and frankly, the load was a bit heavy. Aren't we all a little fresher on Monday? Anyway, just an idea.

What about setting some goals for the next year? . . .And now it's SHOWTIME! Why don't we put on a show for a change of pace? It doesn't have to be anything elaborate, just a showcase of ourselves having a great time and providing some quality entertainment. Who knows, maybe a few new members to boot! I know I would like to see at least 10 new members added within the next year. I know this isn't all that was discussed at the meeting, but most of the high-points are here.

Events up and Coming...

December 1 - We sing on the Prairie Winds' show. We are hoping to introduce to them and the public one of our contest songs "Song for Mary", a great old war-time tune. We will also be doing a duet with them again this year, "Fun in Just One Lifetime". By the way guys, this one has some choreography. We will be practicing with them on the three Monday nights prior to the show to get it all down pat. We will also be doing "Coney Island Baby" during our brief segment.

December 13th - Our annual installation banquet is set to be at Cathy's restaurant (1212 Ave. K). This is downtown between 13th & Broadway. At present around(?) 7:00pm.

December 14th - We are supposed to sing at Santa Land (7:30pm).

Any other events we should know about?—Let me know.

Too Bad You Missed It...

We had a surprise visit by the ladies quartet RENDITION. What a song! "When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin Along". If you missed them, maybe you should come a little more often. You just never know what will happen. We're hoping for an encore from them in the near future.

Requests for sing-outs (performances) and other engagements...

In order to prevent any mis-communications, please provide whoever is asking us to perform with contact information. Our chapter officer who is going to handle these contacts is David Boelsche.

If anyone has other CONFIRMED engagements, please let me know so that I may include them in future issues of the Crooner's Gazette. I will endeavor to keep everyone abreast of the goings on within the chapter with regard to events and such. Since this is the first issue, it will no doubt be short.    

Recent visitors and guests...

We were delighted to have Chris ? visit with us Thursday night the 25th. Chris works with Averil at the pizza shop. And what a job Chris did in a quartet. Glad to have you with us and we look to see you again Chris.

We also welcome back several members who have been out for a while – Jack Looney, David Acuff and Jesse Jones. We missed you. Glad you're back!

The Directors Podium...

All things considered, with the low attendance, the chorus has been sounding really good with only about 12-14 members. WE NEED LEADS. However, any and all members (and future potential members) are MORE than welcome to attend . .please.

Contest will be upon us before you realize it and we need the voices. We again will be defending our small chorus championship. Come on and join us folks.

I look forward to this next coming year with anticipation of growth. Thanks for allowing me to direct such a great group of guys.

Learning the Music...

The board has made the decision to not pass out new music without having learning tapes available. David Boelsche will be handling that "item". If you haven't been able to attend the regular meetings, PLEASE contact David about getting a set of tapes. We don't want to take too long to learn the music.

Our Current Learning List...
*Cool Water
*Song For Mary
*Home on the Range
*It's a Most Unusual Day
*God Bless America (Berlin Arrg.)
*(more to come)

Last Thoughts...

If anyone has any items they would like to see in future issues, please forward them to me and I'll do my best to get them in. My phone is 894-1505. Email me at:

Chordially yours… Whitney