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The Crooner's Gazette

News publication of the Singing Plainsmen Lubbock, Texas

No.4 June 20, 2002

Where to begin? Well as usual another long overdue publication. The following is from the “Livewire” publication that I digitally subscribe to.


Wednesday 7/3

Quartet Quarterfinals Session 1
Event: 12:15 – 3:30 (3:15 hrs)
Webcast: 11:00 – 4:00 (5 hrs)
Est. Listeners: 1000

Quartet Quarterfinals Session 2
Event: 7:15 – 10:30 (3:15 hrs)
Webcast: 6:00 – 11:00 (5 hrs)
Est. Listeners: 2000

Thursday 7/4

AIC Show
Event: 7:00 – 10:00 (3 hrs)
Webcast: 6:00 – 10:00 (4 hrs)
Est. Listeners: 2000

Friday 7/5

Collegiate Quartet Contest
Event: 10:00 – 1:30 (3:30 hrs)
Webcast: 9:00 – 2:00 (5 hrs)
Est. Listeners: 1500

Quartet Semifinals
Event: 7:15 – 10:30 (3:15 hrs)
Webcast: 6:00 – 11:00 (5 hrs)
Est. Listeners: 2500

Saturday 7/6

Chorus Finals
Event: 10:45 – 4:00 (5:15 hrs)
Webcast: 10:00 –
Est. Listeners: 10,000

Quartet Finals
Event: 7:00 – 10:00 (3 hrs)
Webcast: - 10:30 (12:30 hrs)
Est. Listeners: 10,000

Total Event Time: 24 ¼ hours
Total Webcast time: 36 ½ hours

(Thought that some of you may be interested in logging on for this. I don’t know for sure, but it will be most likely through the society’s web site. Incidentally, that is [Webmaster's note: Yes, this is the url to use.]

Other dates to remember:

July 25, 6-7pm, South Plains Mall?

Saturday, September 28, 7:30pm “Pack Up Your Troubles” With guest quartet Rogus of the Rio Grande

October 25-27
SWD Fall Convention
Little Rock, AR

March 7-9, 2003
NW Division Spring Convention
Lubbock, TX

October 24-26, 2003
SWD Fall Convention
Corpus Christi, TX

Free Music Course!

If you have internet access, point your browser to this website for 26 self taught lessons:
When the home page appears click on “free Lessons” in the menu.
This music course was put together by a Canadian babrbershopper and music teacher, Gary Ewer. You can pursue the music course in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace.
The lessons include such topics as notes, durations, major and minor scales, intervals, time signatures, key identification, triads, triplets, and much more.
Each lesson has an instruction sheet and a quiz that you can check on-line. – From the “north shore harmony rag”

Say Hello to our visitors !
Len Fuller
Eric Apjoke
Johnny Fredenberg
Ottis Fairweather
Robby Robinson
Cody Crisp
Early Fuller
Don Bartlett
Don Bell's Grandson-Ryan Alsup
Jack Looney (glad to see you back!)
Dave Bender
Erik Colvard

Speaking of

Our “hello” woodshedding exercise is what goes back to the roots of our society; three individual voices (tenor, bari & bass) harmonizing to a leads melody without reference to any written arrangement. An intensely pleasurable experience for the four singers involved (as one put it – the “geeks” of barbershop). A great learning tool!

Random Thoughts ?

As I was putting together this issue, listening to a CD I have of the SWD districts 50 years of champions, there is one that sticks out. Not so much because it is the oldest, or who it is, but because it is so unusual. The recording of the Beau Jesters performing “Coney Island Washboard” has a (gasp) guitar in the performance. I am no historian but… I don’t believe this was ever done again. If anyone knows more on this, please let me know. A bite of curiosity anyone?


-From the North Shore harmony Rag
The Very Best Vocal Coach
--by Carol Johnson, Director, Manahawkin, NJ Chapter

I will remember the first time I heard myself on a tape recorder. It didn't sound any- thing like me! My friend sounded exactly like herself, but that strange voice singing with herjust wasn't mine. I was shocked to realize that it was indeed me. I suddenly know that the "wonderful voice" I have lived with all of my life isn't the same voice that everyone else hears. For months, I taped myself singing in the chonts. I lis- tened in amazement to this awful sang wrong notes, wrong words, bad vowels, made funny sounds, scooped, and even went flat! I became very aware of pitch and went right to work to pro- duce a better voice. Little by little, I improved my- self as a singer under the cold truth of this heartless coach, my tape recorder. Yes, your tape recorder is the best coach you'll ever find! It gives you the oppor- tunity to hear the voice that everyone else hears. Remember that the only person who hears the voice in your head is you! Any time you are serious about good singing, the truth is there for you to hear. Just press the button.
--seen in many bulletins, most recently Atlantic, iowa Chapter Nishna Notes,

-If you have never really listened to yourself on a tape recorder, you should try it – it can be VERY frightening! This is one time fear can be a good thing! – Ed.

Any Personal info Updates?

I would like to encourage all members to use the Members Only site on the Society Web page ( to update changes in their personal information. The site can and should be used by all members for any changes such as e-mail, home address, phone number, etc. But please remember to inform the chapter secretary of these changes as well.

Is There Barbershop in Heaven?

Two 90-year-old baris, Moe and Sam, had been friends all their lives. Sam was dy-ing, so Moe came to visit him. "Sam," said Moe, "You know how we've both loved barbershop all our lives. Sam you gotta do me one favor. When you go, somehow you've got to tell me if there's barbershop in heaven. Sam looked up at Moe from his deathbed and said, "Moe, you've been my friend many years. This favor I'II do for you. And with that, Sam passed on.

At midnight a couple nights later, Moe was sound asleep when a distant voice called out to him, "Moe ... Moe ... "Who is it?" said Moe, sitting up suddenly. "Who is it?" "Moe, it's Sam. "Come on. You're not Sam. Sam died." "l'm telling you," insisted the voice, "it's me, Sam!" "Sam? Is that you? Where are you?" "l'm in heaven," said Sam "but I've got to tell you I've got some good news and some bad news." "Tell me the good news first," said Moe. "The good news," said Sam, "is that there is barbershop in heaven, and I'm in the best quartet you've ever heard. We could have won the International Contest hands down ."Really?" said Moe. "That's wonderful! What's the bad news?" "Your quartet has a gig Tuesday!"

Closing Comments…

Just in case some of you didn’t catch it all, and how could you have not after this much time, (it does bear repeating) – We, THE SINGING PLAINSMEN, finished 9th in district out of 16. What makes that extra good is that we had only 20 as compared to our nest place finisher with 39. Well done Fravin! As if there weren’t a need for more accolades, we took home the (again) MOST IMPROVED CHORUS!

Well done Everyone! We can continue to grow and expand… if you do your part.

Chordially yours… Whitney