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The Crooner's Gazette

News publication of the Singing Plainsmen Lubbock, Texas

No. 3 January 21,2002

Welcome to another issue of the Crooner's Gazette! Should be lot's of stuff here.  

From the Board....

*The last board meeting was on January 7. Future meeting will be held regularly on the 2nd Monday of each month. One of th ebig topics was the show slated for September 28. Rouges of the Rio Grande, out of El Paso, will be the guest quartet.


Does anyone have a change of address or phone? How about your E-mail? Please check to see if what I have is accurate and up to date. Just drop me a line via E-mail or phone and I'll make any needed changes.

Valentines Day...

We've all been working hard on this fun little activity / fundraiser. Start spreading the word… Great opportunity to recruit a few new members into the chorus.


We would like to welcome our latest visitors:
From Ralls, TX., say hello to Nathan Gutschke and Eric Apjoke.
From here in Lubbock, say hello to Len Fuller, Joe Conboy, and Johnny Fredenberg.
Hope I have that all straight. Welcome to the Plainsmen! Hope you keep up the visits and formally join us.

Blowin & A Ringin…

Seeing as how the wind and sand has made it's presence known, it got me to thinking about something I came across a good while back on a website. Don't ask me where it was or who wrote this, I can't recall. Anyway, how would a barbershop 7th windchime sound. I would like to make one of these (if I ever get the time, that is). Here are the spec's for it. BTW- the article did suggest that you use a 4.5:1 ratio (length to hang point) for the hanging point of each tube.  

Open House…

This is one we may want to consider. Many of the SWD chapters are having an open house in connection with Valentine's day. As a follow-up or as a wrap up to the day, it would be a great time to bring in a hand-full of potential NEW MEMBERS. Here's an excerpt that you'll be seeing in the Harmonizer—

We Miss You……

As most of you know, Glenn Scharp has been out for a while with heart surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery and quick return.

Where are you?

Time to rally 'round the risers boys. As you know, contest is not far off. Those of you who haven't been at practice, we need you. We will be defending our championship this year again. Thursday nights, 7:30pm, Lubbockview Christian Church (just in case you forgot).

On the calender:

Dan Law Field, Friday, March 29 – We are to sing the National Anthem.

February 14 – Valentine's day. (don't forget the wife and/or girlfriend)  

Editors comments

I had the day off (MLK) so I thought I would see if I could get this issue out before the info got too stale. Seems I find myself hunting things to fill the space. Wouldn't want to waste a chunk of tree now would we! Anyway - - Enough PC. If anyone has any items they want in the next issue, please, get them to me via e-mail or phone., (806)894-1505

See you at practice on Thursday night. Keep em RINGIN!